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Team Card

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An initiative by the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association to raise standards of safety in lifting equipment testing, examination and maintenance. Ranger is a proud full association Member with over 60% of the entire team obtained or working towards obtaining TEAM Card status.

Q: How do you know if the person responsible for keeping your lifting equipment in safe condition is qualified to do the job?

A: Ask to see their TEAM card!

The holder of the TEAM card holds the evidence of their training, enabling them to Test, Examine And Maintain your lifting equipment.

Key Features of the TEAM Card

Linked to the Association’s examination diploma scheme.

The TEAM card provides evidence of identity and qualifications.

Only available to diploma qualified lifting equipment engineers working for LEEA member companies.

NOTE: Passing the entry level examination does NOT grant access to the TEAM Card scheme. To qualify for the TEAM Card, an engineer must first have passed at least one of the following diploma courses:

Course 2 – Lifting Equipment General

Course 3 – Lifting Machines Manual

Course 5 – Lifting Machines Power

Course 6 – Runways & Light Crane Structures

Or have attended one or more of the following Intensive (Practical) Diplomas and passed the end of course exam

IP 2 – Lifting Equipment General (5 day) Diploma

IP 3 – Lifting Machines Manual (5 day) Diploma

IP 4 – Lifting Machines Power (5 day) Diploma

IP 5 – Runways & Light Crane Structures (5 days) Diploma

Valid for 3 years, the TEAM card holds the name, photograph, employment and qualification details for the engineer. A contact number on the reverse allows clients to confirm that the card is genuine and website details allow the course content to be viewed.

Make sure the engineers and companies maintaining your equipment are part of the TEAM, ask to see the card!

LEEA holds the records of 8000 trained engineers employed by member companies in 38 countries around the world. With 500 new trainees each year LEEA members are staffed with the key personnel to ensure that your equipment is maintained in prime condition ensuring safe and trouble free working.

Ranger is proud our inspectors are TEAM card holders ask to see our TEAM Card today