AS 2359.1 – 2015 Powered Industrial Trucks Part 1 – General Requirements

AS 2359.1 – 2015 Powered Industrial Trucks Part 1

General Requirements for Powered Industrial Trucks

AS 2359.1 – 2015 Powered Industrial Trucks Part 1 – General Requirements sets out additional requirements not found in AS 2359.6 for the design, manufacture, marking and testing of self-propelled industrial trucks (hereafter referred to as ‘trucks’) and their attachments, as defined in AS 2359.7. Therefore, this Standard and AS 2359.6 need to be read in conjunction.

This Standard is Part 1 of AS 2359, Powered industrial trucks, which currently comprises the following parts and those proposed for revision listed below:

  • AS 2359 Powered industrial trucks
  • 2359.1 Part 1: General requirements (this Standard)
  • 2359.2 Part 2: Operations
  • 2359.5 Part 5: Symbols for operator controls and other displays
  • 2359.6 Part 6: Self-propelled industrial trucks, other than driverless trucks, variable reach trucks and burden-carrier trucks (ISO 3691-1:2011, MOD)
  • 2359.9 Part 9: Overhead guards—Specification and testing (ISO 6055:2004, MOD)
  • 2359.10 Part 10: Fork-lift trucks—Hook-on type fork arms—Vocabulary
  • 2359.12 Part 12: Hazardous areas
  • 2359.14 Part 14: Fork arms—Technical characteristics and testing
  • 2359.15 Part 15: Fork-arm extensions and telescopic fork arms—Technical characteristics and strength requirements
  • 2359.16 Part 16: Safety signs and hazard pictorials—General principles
  • 2359.19 Part 19: Additional stability tests for industrial variable-reach trucks handling freight containers of length 6 m and above.

ISO is in the process of developing a number of new International Standards in relation to industrial trucks, e.g. on stability, safety, etc. It is intended that the ISO Standards will be adopted as Australian Standards under a new series number. The designation of existing Australian adoptions currently in the AS 2359 series will be changed by amendment. It is anticipated that the number of AS 2359 Standards will be reduced to only those parts that are written specifically for Australian conditions.

The following new Australian Standards have been published, which relate to industrial trucks:

  • AS 5143:2015 Fork-lift trucks—Hook-on type fork arms and fork arm carriages—
  • Mounting dimensions
  • AS 5144.5:2015 Industrial trucks—Safety requirements and verification

This Standard does not cover industrial tractors with a drawbar pull greater than 50 kN. Visibility and noise level requirements are receiving considerable attention from ISO, but at this stage are not covered by this Standard. Lighting requirements are not included, but adequate lighting may be required to suit requirements of statutory authorities or to allow operation in areas of low light intensity.

This Standard needs to be read in conjunction with AS 2359.6. AS 2359.6 is a modified adoption of ISO 3691-1:2011. When ISO 3691-1:2011 was being developed it became clear that not all requirements relating to each country could be included in the ISO 3691 series of Standards. Therefore, the revision of AS 2359.1 provides general requirements but any provisions that duplicate those in Part 6 have been removed from this Standard.

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