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  • People – Development: Five Golden Rules

    LHA SEPT OCT 2019 | THE INSIDER | ASHLEY THACKER In the second part of a mini series about building a team, Ashley Thacker presents five important elements of a successful, long-term people-development program. My last column in Lift & Hoist Australasia (LHA) magazine focussed on recruitment techniques and closed with references to the importance Read more
  • The Insider Article – My kind of people

    I have a lot of conversations with fellow business owners and managers here in Sydney and wider Australia. It’s fascinating to compare notes with peers who are experiencing the same challenges and notable that similar issues impact us all. Near the top of the list, especially for those of us in a niche sector, like

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  • The Insider Article – Safety starts at home

    Even before the occasion when it is used for the first time, a single item of rigging gear passes through many hands. It is manufactured, shipped, stored, distributed, probably stored again, and then used to connect a hook to a load. By the time it has been used below-the-hook on multiple occasions, many more would

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  • Under Construction

    It is a big step for a business to setup in a new territory or open a satellite office—and it’s not for the faint-hearted. Let’s relive our journey over the past year-and-a-half in the hope that there are lessons our audiences can learn from our experiences and apply them to their own growth strategies.

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  • The Insider Article – Still Rising Up

    Six years ago, I was interviewed by this magazine’s sister title. I was still in my twenties and had recently been named the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association’s (LEEA) youngest ever board member. I was modest about the achievement but I think it inspired the editor’s choice of headline for the article, “Rising Up”. It chimed

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  • Partners in Climb

    There are many theories about how to expand a company. A lot of the science about metrics, budget, resources, cash flow, marketing, branding, etc, but the importance of selecting the right business partners to oversee expansion is too readily overlooked. You might have the best company in the world with the most robust systems and

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