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  • Selecting the Right Chain Hoist

    Manual and electric chain hoists are used for a variety of lifting reasons however selecting the correct chain hoist for your application can be a confusing task. The below check list created by RANGER will help you determine how to select the correct chain hoist for your application. 1 CAPACITY Depending on the manufacturer, 250kg Read more
  • Blog- Why Lifting Equipment Breaks

    Lifting operations are inherent to this industry however both manual lifting and mechanical lifting operations can put workers at great risk of injury or death. This article captures 7 key risks associated with lifting operations and solutions to reduce these risks and costs associated. 1 LACK OF PLANNING Risk assessments and lift plans are designed Read more
  • The Insider Article – Perfect Ten

    By Ashley Thacker The best companies have treated this year as an opportunity; we are no different. It’s evident that businesses that were able to take decisive action eight months ago are better off now. It was important not to panic though because, as we look at below, this year has taught us a lot about

    Read more
  • The Insider Article – Shock Loading

    LHA AUGUST 2020 | THE INSIDER | ASHLEY THACKER Rigging gear is particularly vulnerable in the event of shock loading. To begin to understand shock loading, we need to accept the definitions of ‘shock’ (a sudden or surprising event or occurrence) and ‘loading’ (the application of a load or force). Put the two together and Read more
  • The Insider Article – LEEA’s Launch Pad

    LHA AUGUST 2020 | THE INSIDER | ASHLEY THACKER The digital age means we can promote the lifting industry, especially below-the-hook, more effectively than ever before—but we’ve got to seize the moment. As a nine-year tenure on the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) board concludes, it’s time to reflect and give new leadership our full Read more
  • The Insider Article – Our Land Abounds in Nature’s Gifts

    LHA MAY JUNE 2020 | THE INSIDER | ASHLEY THACKER Undoubtedly, Coronavirus has taken a lot from us, but it has also given us an opportunity to create better working and personal lives for ourselves as the ‘new normal’ dawns. It is time to look at this in a positive way. At the time of Read more
  • Can expanding your business do more harm than good?

    Expanding into additional facilities can do more harm than good to a business if it is not done correctly, especially in niche markets. Pick up any trade magazine and somewhere there will be a story about a company opening a new facility or expanding into a new region. Often there is a photo with it Read more
  • Where is it from? How is it made?

    WHERE IT'S FROM ? | HOW IT'S MADE ?| WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT Our shelves are stocked with products from all over the world. Where they come from doesn’t really matter to us, at least not in isolation. The slings might be from Australia and the harnesses from the UK. That box of shackles from Germany. Read more
  • How To Correctly Fit a Harness

      JAMES MOULE OF PARAMOUNT SAFETY AND ASHLEY THACKER take you through pre checks before fitting a harness ensuring it is safe for use and that it's the right one for your application. Followed by a step-by-step guide on how to correctly fit a harness ensuring a firm, comfortable and safe fit. These steps can Read more
  • Talk Lifting with James Moule

    Paramount Safety’s James Moule has spent over 22 years in the industrial height safety industry and joins Ashley Thacker to share his experiences and latest industry developments. Topics covered include trends, regulations, competencies, training, on-site issues and fit-for-purpose designs of harnesses used in confined spaces and pole work. For information on our height safety products Read more