Industry news — Disposing of Damaged or Failed Alloy Chain Slings

Disposing of Damaged or Failed Alloy Chain Slings

Although chain slings are ideal for lifting applications because of their strength, they’re still susceptible to being damaged to the point where they are no longer safe to keep in operation. If the chain slings and assemblies are rejected during inspection due to damage or failure, they need to be quarantined and removed from service.

Some common observations that may indicate that your wire rope is unsafe and should be serviced or discarded are: exposure to extreme heat or chemicals, wear beyond specified tolerances, stretching, kinks or binding, nicks or gouges in the links, damaged or displacement of end-fittings – including hooks and latches rings or links – by overload or misapplication

If you notice any of the above damage, remove the chain immediately from service and organise for a qualified technician to service the item. If the equipment is marked as unsalvageable, then follow the discard method below.

Understanding Chain Grades | Ranger LiftingIf you’ve checked your gear and you’re still unsure whether it’s safe for use, remove it from service and give us a call on 1300 SLINGS.