Engineered Products- Frequently Asked Questions

Engineered Products- Frequently Asked Questions

What is an engineered product?

Engineered products are manufactured items that have been designed for a specific reason or task. An in-house engineer has determined all calculations and stresses to ensure the item is correctly designed for the specific task and meets the required Australian Standard requirement.

What is the Australian Standards for engineered products?

Engineered products for lifting falls under the Australian standard AS 4991.

Can I make my own lifting device?

Yes, as long as the correct engineering process has been performed, the stress analysis calculations have been determined and verified and all the other requirements in the standards are met. We would suggest you discuss your project with us so we can advise you accordingly.

Why does it have to be tested?

The engineering calculations and any mechanical points need to be verified by a physical load test to ensure they are correct and that no permanent deformation is present.

How often does it need to be inspection?

As required by Australian Standard, engineered products need to be checked at a maximum interval of 12 months. More regular inspections are recommended if the engineered product is frequently.

Do engineered products have to be registered with SafeWork Australia?

No. However man riding/handling equipment and cages need to have the design registered with SafeWork Australia.


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