Welding Points Supply

Rud VLBS 1.5t with Spring

Welding Points Supply

September 1, 2021

Ranger designed, supplied, installed and certified Australian 10 tonne Welding Points for large Skip Bin Manufacturer, Bincorp. Ranger partnered with RUD to supply RUD load rings for Craneable Hook Lift Containers which are used across various construction sites. Three sizes were provided for 10, 15 and 20 cubic metre capacity containers. Ranger also ensured that all lifting points supplied to Bincorp met the relevant Australian standards AS 2317.

RUD Weld on lift points allow you to add fixed lifting lugs onto heavy equipment or spreader beams. This is also best way to place permanent anchors onto spreader beams that are used for lifting smaller loads. To browse our lifting points product ranger  click here.

Please note: weld on lifting lugs are only safe if they are undamaged. For this reason they must always be properly inspected before they are put into use. There should be no cracks, nicks, corrosion or distortion on the weld on lifting lugs. Ensure that the substrate onto which they are welded is also capable of bearing the weight. The weld on lifting lugs should be placed in an area which will not cause the load to twist on the lifting hook. Never exceed the load limit of the lift points.