Ranger — Heavy Lift Logistics


A heavy lift is generally considered for the transportation, lifting or installation of heavy items which are unable to be separated into sections and installed individually. These oversized items are usually manufactured off-site then transported to site and lifted or installed into place.

Commonly a heavy lift is considered 50 tonnes to 1000 tonnes and over; with widths and heights that would not fit within the parameters of conventional containers or transporters. One main characteristic for heavy lift goods is the absence of standardisation which then requires an individual heavy lift or critical lift plan.

It can take months to plan, organise, prepare for and implement a heavy lift. Ranger can help you through all stages of this process, from problem solving right through to getting the final sign off from all required parties.

Our relationship with global manufacturers gives us access to the best international methods and equipment to carry out any heavy lift scenairo possible.

Ranger can help with your heavy lift or critical lift, from problem solving and planning, right through to implementation.



Heavy or critical lift plans/procedures are essential documents that provide a record of the planning process that in turn becomes an effective communication tool to convey lift requirements and work authorisation to workers.

The plan for any lifting operation must address the foreseeable risks involved in the work and identify the appropriate resources (including people) necessary for safe completion of the job.

In some case a lifting plan is a statutory requirement due to the risks and potential hazards that come from heavy or critical lifts.


With heavy lifts the products used require the D/d (diameter to diameter) information to determine the efficiency of the hardware. You can’t just assume that each product will work together at 100% of the working load limit. In some applications, when using equalization sheaves or plates for example, a greater working load limit can be applied.

Most heavy or critical lifts require engineered solutions. Ranger can design, manufacture and supply all engineered products that comply with Australian Standards.

We have extensive history and knowledge of heavy lifting and awkward lifting applications where nonconventional methods have been required.