Hoists and Winches – Frequently Asked Questions

Hoists and Winches- Frequently Asked Questions

Manual Hoists and Winches

What is the difference between a Chain Block and a Chain Hoist?

A Chain Block is a manual lifting device. A Chain Hoist is a power-operated lifting device.

What is the difference between a Chain Block and a Lever Block?

The mechanics inside are similar however a chain block is designed to lift vertically whereas a lever block was designed to be used horizontally and vertically. There are a few chain blocks that can be used outside of the 5 degrees of vertical but manufacturers’ user guide needs to be followed and de-rating may need to be applied.

What lengths do Chain blocks come in?

Chain blocks come standard in 3m and 6m height of lift. Other height of lifts can be made as required.

What lengths do Lever Blocks come in?

Lever blocks come standard in 1.5m and 3m but can be re-chained in other lengths if required.

What is overload protection?

This is a feature that is available in some brands of chain and lever blocks to prevent the user from overloading the block.

What are the best lever blocks for harsh environments?

It really depends on the environment – what works underground might not be great for subsea or other corrosive environments. Contact us and speak with a technical representative to discuss what block would suit your needs best.

Can a chain block be used while the operator is to the side or above the block?

Most common chain blocks do not allow for overhead or side use as the design limitation of the hand/pocket wheel does not allow for it. The Yale 360 handwheel rotates a full revolution allowing the user to use from all angles.

What is the best Chain block to use to drift a load?

The Yale 360‘s design allows the user to operate the blocks and angles outside the 5 degrees and stay outside of the danger zone. Ranger recommends the Yale block for drifting loads, refer to manufacturers guide for this.

Electric Hoists and Winches

Are Electric Hoists available in an explosive proof version?

No. However, we do have air-operated explosion-proof hoists available.

What does the IP rating for an electric hoist refer to?

The IP rating is a weather protection rating. IP means ingress protection and is shown, for example, as IP55. The first number relates to dust protection. 5 means the unit is sealed to prevent sufficient dust entering the hoist which could interfere with normal operation. The second number relates to water ingress. A rating of 5 stipulates the hoist is protected against low-pressure water jets from all directions.

Can I add chain to extend the lift height of a hoist?

Chain can not be joined together to extend the lift height of any hoisting product. To satisfy this requirement, a new length of chain must be purchased and fitted by a competent person. It then needs to be tested to ensure the product has been assembled correctly and recertified.

Where can I get my hoists serviced?

We can service or arrange service of most brands of hoists within Australia. Learn more about our inspection services here >

Is the emergency stop feature standard on Electric Chain Hoists?

Yes. The motor power can be disconnected from the main power supply in an emergency.

Can I use an Electric Hoist upside down?

No, due to the mechanics and lubricants in the hoist, this is not a recommended practice. However, Ranger has a range of hoists that are specifically designed for the entertainment industry that can be used in the inverted position.

Which hoists are suited for use in the entertainment industry?

We have a wide range of hoists that are suited for operation in the entertainment industry. Speak with one of our technical sales team to determine which hoist would best suit your needs.

Can Electric Hoists be supplied with longer lift heights?

Yes. Electric Hoists are available in many different lift heights to suit your requirements. However be sure to take note of it’s duty cycle, they are prone to overheat when used excessively or with longer lengths. Another type of hoist may be a better option.

Can Electric Hoists be used outdoors?

Yes, hoists that are rated IP55 or IP65. This means they have protection from direct jet spray and dust particles. They also have a strong epoxy coated painted body and the load chain is Nickel-plated, which is corrosion and abrasion-resistant. However to better protect the hoist in external applications extra weather cover is recommended.

Do you get 2 pendants with electric hoist and motorised trolley combinations?

These come with one pendant that controls the entire assembly which makes use easy for the operator.

Can an Electric Hoist be used to lift personnel?

Yes, however the feature required to do so is not standard so an Electric chain hoist needs to upgraded to meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS 2550.


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