Lifting and Rigging Inspection Checklists

Lifting and Rigging Inspection: Examination Checklists

Lifting equipment is used across construction, industrial and other work sites globally. When not properly inspected and maintained, this equipment can be extremely dangerous on sites and to all stakeholders.

Ranger has created several inspection checklists for key pieces of lifting equipment to better guide workers in making efficient, simple and organised inspections. These lists are recommended to be used daily and will help identify potential problems or defective components of your equipment before they become a bigger problem.

A lifting equipment inspection checklist is one of the main checks and balances which companies have at their disposal to ensure the safe and prolonged use of any type of lifting equipment.

NOTE:  Please make sure to follow specialised manufacturer checklists. Ranger offers LEEA-certified inspections, repairs, predictive & preventive maintenance on all lifting and rigging equipment.