Industry news — Introducing the Ultra-Link Synthetic Chain

Introducing the Ultra-Link Synthetic Chain

In the world of lifting and lashing, innovation is a driving force that continually reshapes the industry. Meet Ultra-Link Synthetic Chain, the latest breakthrough in chain technology. Manufactured from multiple layers of high-performance Dyneema fibre, this revolutionary textile chain brings a host of benefits that are transforming how we approach lifting and lashing applications.

At the heart of Ultra-Link Synthetic Chain is its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Unlike traditional steel chains, Ultra-Link leverages the power of Dyneema fibre to achieve up to 85% lighter weight without compromising on strength. This game-changing advantage translates to unparalleled ease of manual handling, enabling quick and efficient lifting and lashing operations.


1. Lightweight and Easy Handling: The remarkable weight reduction of Ultra-Link makes it incredibly easy to handle manually, reducing the strain on workers while enhancing efficiency.

2. High Strength: Despite its lightweight nature, Ultra-Link boasts high strength comparable to alloy steel chain, ensuring that it meets the demands of heavy-duty applications.

3. Safety First: With a patented multi-layered redundant system, Ultra-Link guarantees safety by design. This system contributes to a reliable and secure lifting and lashing experience.

4. Abrasion and Wear Resistance: Ultra-Link is built to last. Its abrasion and wear-resistant properties ensure durability even in challenging environments.

5. Non-Conductive and Non-Corrosive: Electrically non-conductive and resistant to corrosion, Ultra-Link excels in a range of settings, from maritime to industrial.

6. Floats on Water: The unique characteristics of Dyneema fibre allow Ultra-Link to float on water, making it versatile in various water-related applications.

7. Wide Temperature Range: Ultra-Link maintains its integrity in temperatures as low as -40°C to as high as 70°C, ensuring its reliability across different working conditions.


Lifting Applications

Ultra-Link chain is perfect for crafting chain slings. With easy handling and load protection, it’s an excellent choice for lifting delicate loads or safeguarding sensitive surfaces.

Lashing Applications

In lashing scenarios, Ultra-Link shines with lashing capacities surpassing 16,000 DaN. Its low weight, high strength, and adjustable length make it a preferred option for heavy-duty applications.


Ultra-Link Synthetic Chain is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a game-changer for industries reliant on lifting and lashing. By providing unparalleled strength at a fraction of the weight, it ensures a safer working environment, increased efficiency, and reduced risk of damage to assets. As Ultra-Link reshapes the way we perceive and utilise chain technology, it’s clear that the future of lifting and lashing is lighter, stronger, and safer than ever before.

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