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  • Important Changes to New Roundsling Standard

    It’s necessary to note the changes and amendments included within updated or revised standards, such as AS 4497:2017, says Ashley Thacker, general manager at Ranger Lifting. As explored in my previous commentary, Australian Standards (AS) Committee ME-025 Lifting Tackle is soon to publish AS 4497:2017, a new standard covering roundslings made of synthetic fibre. It Read more
  • Don’t Cut Corners—Understand Your Roundslings

    As industry prepares to welcome an updated roundsling standard, Ashley Thacker, general manager at Ranger Lifting, issues an important safety message. Having recently joined Australian Standards (AS) Committee ME-025 Lifting Tackle, I’m looking forward to the imminent publication of AS 4497:2017, covering roundslings made of synthetic fibre. It represents an update of AS 4497.1 and Read more
  • Repair Before Replace When Safe

    When safe, lifting equipment can often be repaired rather than replaced. Replacing equipment is not always the cheaper option, says Ashley Thacker, general manager, Ranger Lifting. This article outlines the benefits of a repair before replace (when safe) policy, which can be frowned upon by lifting equipment suppliers who put short-term profit before long-term relationships. Read more
  • Proud to Join Australian Standards Committee

    I can confirm that I have joined Australian Standards (AS) Committee ME-025 Lifting Tackle, as a representative of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), where I am a proud board member. Standards Australia is the nation's peak non-government, not-for-profit standards organisation. It forms technical committees, such as ME-025 Lifting Tackle, by bringing together relevant parties Read more
  • Ranger Lifting to Open Melbourne Facility

    Ranger will open a new facility in Melbourne, Victoria this month to meet ongoing demand for its products and services, principally from the city’s thriving construction sector. The lifting and rigging equipment supplier will open the new site on the 22nd of the month in Kensington, strategically located a few miles northwest of the central Read more

    We are pleased to welcome Ian Jongen to the Ranger team in the role of State Manager Victoria and advise that we will be opening in Melbourne in early January. Ian has more than 30 years experience in the lifting and rigging equipment industry. He has worked in senior management roles across general management, sales, Read more
  • Creating a Winning Team

    Training and team spirit are key ingredients to success, says Ashley Thacker, the general manager of Ranger Lifting. Don’t try to win, train for it. When I first heard that saying I thought it was nonsense; if it was that easy, everyonewould be doing it, I thought. And there always has to be a loser. Read more
  • Can you do your own Lifting Equipment Inspections?

    Australian Standards make frequent references to competence and competent persons. A competent person will have acquired thorough training, education and experience, or a combination of these, in addition to the knowledge and skills enabling that person to safely and effectively perform the task required. Competency isn’t achieved through simply working around equipment for a long Read more
  • What could happen if you don’t inspect your lifting equipment?

    What could happen if you don't inspect your lifting equipment? There are a vast amount of defects that are not easily detected by untrained personnel. Even for an experienced lifting equipment inspection professional, it takes constant refresher training to stay at the sharp end of this specialist field; that’s why repeat training is now a Read more
  • Family and safety comes before business

    Lifting gear inspections should be a priority, not just to tick a box. At Ranger, when we say we’re a family business, we don’t just mean we’re family-owned and people with the same surname come to work here. We’re proud that’s the case, but what we really mean by it is that family comes before Read more