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  • Striking Gold

    There is much to be gained by international travel, even for a regionally focussed business in a niche marketplace. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, or so the saying goes. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. When my father and Ranger Lifting founder, Steve, and I travelled to Nevada’s Mojave Desert earlier Read more
  • May The Source Be With You

    The climate lends itself to sourcing from large, independent companies over corporate conglomerates now more than ever, says Ashley Thacker, general manager at lifting, rigging and safety specialist supplier, Ranger. In the lifting industry—probably other sectors too—selecting the right tool for the job goes a long way to ensuring its user and those around the Read more
  • Safety DNA Test

    Unlike lifting a load, safety shouldn’t be something we pick up and put down, says Ashley Thacker, general manager at lifting, rigging and safety specialist supplier, Ranger. When I joined this industry 15 years ago, safety meant something different to what it does today. Then, it was about wearing a hard hat when walking around a load

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  • Ranger. Our Journey.

    Ashley Thacker, General Manager, charts the journey of lifting, rigging and safety specialist supplier, Ranger. Next year marks 20 years since my father, Steve, and his friends Brian and Shane started an industrial supply company named after their favourite football team. Even though I was only a child at the time, I often think about

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  • Harbour Bridge New Years Eve Display

    Ranger taking business to new heights last week completing a lifting gear inspection on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Our senior inspectors are ensuring New Years Eve goes off with a Bang. Ranger was commissioned to do the inspection of the hoist ropes for the Harbour Bridge New Years Eve Display. The entire team lined up

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