Industry news — The Insider Article – Out Of Site, Out Of Mind – Until Now

The Insider Article – Out Of Site, Out Of Mind – Until Now

Insider Article: OUT OF SITE, OUT OF MIND – UNTIL NOW | Ashley Thacker | Ranger Lifting


The digital age means we can promote the lifting industry, especially below-the-hook, more effectively than ever before—but we’ve got to seize the moment.

The annual awards dinner held recently after the opening day of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association’s (LEEA) LiftEx trade show provided the first opportunity for many to watch the Think Lifting video. The film is a collaborative work between LEEA and Lift & Hoist International (LHI) magazine and is intent on promoting the lifting industry to young people, indeed, a wider audience.

It begins:
“Can you solve a problem? Or find a solution? Think Lifting”
It is a strong opening that captures the very nature of the lifting industry as a problem solving marketplace. Further, it applies it to ambitious people who might be considering a challenging, diverse career path. However, the line that really captures the problem with our industry comes later:
“It is everywhere, but sometimes hidden from eyes.”
The biggest challenge for the Think Lifting campaign is that people don’t think about lifting. We’ve got to change that – quickly.

It’s a niche industry, which is part of its charm, but even when folks do consider it, they envisage the tower cranes they see on the city skyline. They don’t think about the world beneath the hook or the importance of connecting lifting equipment to loads. It’s a grim reality that we have failed to engage the world in what we do, even though, “Lifting improves, protects and saves lives,” as the video highlights.  Read more

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