Altrac, is a lightweight, low-maintenance, attractive, adaptable and
safety tested rail system that can be tailored to almost any application.
Australian owned, designed and manufactured Altrac is strong, flexible and easy to install, a cost effective solution in a multitude of applications.
• High tensile strength – tested to Australian Standards
• Easy to install
• Lightweight – Less than 7kg per metre
• Pre-engineered for modular assembly. Altrac has been designed for ease of
installation as a bolt together system
• Smooth lines – Altrac has been used in architectural design for building projects
• No unsightly stain marks from rust
• The rounded surface of the track does not become contaminated by the build up
of dirt and dust – ideal for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications
• Track may be extended at a later date or even taken down and moved to new
• Altrac may be supplied in one continuous length up to 12m. Lengths can be easily
connected to the required size
• No welding, no fire/safety hazard at time of installation
• Time saving on installation and maintenance
• Only basic tools required, no welders, no special widgets
• May be supplied in curved sections to suit application as a monorail or gantry crane

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