The Black Snake Kevlar® Y Strop Light Duty aims to achieve a unique and lightweight alternative to 2 leg chain or wire rope sling configurations. It is an excellent towing fixture due to its ease of use and safe handling.

The light duty Y Strops are an ideal permanent addition for small to medium skid-mounted power generators, transformers, de-watering pumps, tool and equipment boxes.

Product Features: 

• Kevlar® load fibres offer very low stretch (4%)
• Ultra high strength to weight ratio
• Abrasion/cut resistant rubber protects the Kevlar® from
the elements and keeps out oil, water, mud and dust
• Specially designed steel eyes suit attachment to shackle pins, hitch pins, and G Type couplings

• Special end fittings or steel thimbles can also be fitted according to customer requirements
• Break Strength is clearly marked on each Black Snake Kevlar® Recovery Strop
• Individual serial numbers provide traceability

10 tonne20 tonnes
1 metreLeg=0.5m Body=0.5m Spread (max)=0.4mWeight 6kgWeight 7kg
2 metreLeg=1m Body=1m Spread (max)=0.8m8kg12kg
3 metreLeg=1.5m Body=1.5m Spread (max)=1.2m9kg14kg
4 metreLeg=2m Body=2m Spread (max)=1.6m10kg15kg
6 metreLeg=3m Body=3m Spread (max)=2.5m11kg23kg
10 metreLeg=4m Body=6m Spread (max)=3.4m14kg33kg
Maximum GVW ² Severly Bogged Vehicle³6 tonne13 tonne
Leg Thimble AS 113822mm28mm
Head Thimble Size AS 113828mm36mm
Recommended Coupling LegS grade shackle pin: 4.7t-8.5t
Super shackle pin: 7t-12.5t
Coupling link: 13mm, 16mm
S grade shackle pin: 6.5t-12t
Super shackle pin: 9.5t-18t
Coupling link: 18mm, 20mm
Recommended Coupling HeadS grade shackle pin: 6.5t-12t
Super shackle pin: 9.5t-18t
Coupling link: 18/20mm
S grade shackle pin: 12t-25t
Super shackle pin: 18t-40t
Coupling link: 22mm
74510 (add length)10
74520 (add length)20