Black Snake Nylon Recovery Strops are ideal for dragging skid mounted equipment and safe recovery of mining/industrial plant. They are also used for the recovery of commercial and agricultural vehicles.

The nylon fibres are encased in a rubber coating protecting them from the elements that over time break down the load bearing fibres. This design makes the Black Snake far more durable than fibre ropes, synthetic webbing or round slings.

Black Snake Nylon Recovery Strops are fitted with Australian Standard 1138 thimbles embedded into the eyes and sized to fit standard connections.

Features of Black Snake Nylon Recovery Strops:
• Smooth stretch of up to 20% to assist recovery
• Very flexible and light weight for access into awkward spaces and for attachment devices
• Abrasion and cut resistant rubber coating
• Mud, oil, water and dust proof making it virtually maintenance free
• Hide strength to weight ratio
• Individual serial number for traceability

74308 (add length)8
74312 (add length)12
74120 (add length)20
74330 (add length)30
74350 (add length)50
74370 (add length)70
74390 (add length)100