Industrial Grade Series manually operated Chain Blocks are used for general hoisting operation such as mining, construction, industrial lifting and domestic applications.

• Rated capacities from 250kg to 20 tonne.
• Standard height of lift is 3 metre.
• Other height of lift available upon request.
• Manufactured for ease of operation, and light weight in design.
• Robust, durable and compact in construction
• All blocks come with ball bearing Swivel Hook.
• Individually serial numbered with Test Certificate and instruction manual supplied.
• Conforms to AS1418.2 standards.
• Spare parts available
• Specifications may vary slightly depending on manufacturer

Remember to regularly inspect your chain block. If any defects are found remove the chain block from service and call Ranger on 1300 SLINGS


Capacity (kgs)Standard Lift (m)Load Chain
Size (mm)
Load Chain No.
of Falls
Force (N)Net Weight (kg)Dimensions (mm)Packing L x W x D (cm)
50035x151240111321482834524 x 19 x 18
100036x18125012.51511723237628 x 21 x 21
150037.1x21126517.81731963644234 x 26 x 20
200038x24133519.51752103647034 x 26 x 20
226523.51732264649034 x 26 x 20
236041.31892804668841 x 32 x 24
438078.51894635776548 x 42 x 18.5