Clevis Hook CGHF (with Safety Latch)

The Clevis Hook CGHF (with Safety Latch) is a general purpose grade 60 hook suitable for most slinging applications. This hook type will let chain connected to the hook directly which makes the chain sling compact and friendly to use.

Product Features:

  • Grade 60 stainless steel
  • Clevis type allows easy connection to chain.
  • They come with a cast latch for added safety.
  • Marked with chain sizes, batch number, grade and Ranger branded with manufacture quality mark
  • Batch tested, test certificates available upon request.
  • Spare safety latch kits & load pins are available.


For more information on our Grade 60 range including clevis hooks, please contact us one of our qualified Ranger technicians on 1300SLINGS .


2KW-176605CGHF 050,637925220,40
2KW-176606CGHF 060,907825220,40
2KW-176607CGHF 071,259732280,76
2KW-176608CGHF 081,559732280,76
2KW-176610CGHF 102,451214034144