Lanyards are a critical piece of personal protection equipment (PPE) for working safely at heights as the connection between the harness and an anchorage, designed to absorb energy in the event of a fall.

Quality materials have been used ensuring their strength in the event of a fall including:

• An exclusive Extended Length Energy Absorber designed to protect a worker of up to 160kg
• Drop forged lanyard hardware
• Stitching patterns are sewn by computer controlled bar taking machinery for precision using UV resistant high tenacity polyester yarn with 100 newton (10kg) breaking strength
• Unique THETA stitch pattern has over 400 stitches resulting in a seam that matches the lanyard’s webbing strength of 3.3t.


HLLQDASNSNDouble Adjustable LanyardSnap / Snap
HLLQDASNSDDouble Adjustable LanyardSnap / Scaffold