The EWP with lanyard is medically designed for maximum moment of impact
safety and minimises wearer injury during and after fall. The pebble-weave
webbing design provides maximum grip precluding incidental buckle slippage
and the integrated webbing strap and hardware placement minimises impact
injury. Follow our Correct Fitting of a Harness guide to ensure a snug fit that keeps you secure on every lift.

• Combined belay loop sub pelvic strap positioning reduces risk of throat and facial injury
• Retro-reflectivity built into webbing
• High Tenacity Polyester Webbing for enhanced resistance to UV and common solvents
• 160kg Wearer capacity (combined weight of wearer; clothes and tools) when used in conjunction with a Shock Absorbing Lanyard.
• Articulated chest Strap and shoulder Adjustment points, designed for female users.
• Elevated Work Platform
• Dorsal Separator
• Front Belay Loops
• 2bar 3bar connector buckle
• An exclusive Extended Length Energy Absorber (ELEA) designed to protect a worker of up to
160kg including tools and equipment
• Drop forged lanyard hardware
• Stitching patterns are sewn by computer controlled bar tacking machinery for precision using
UV resistant high tenacity polyester yarn with 100newton (10kg) breaking strength
• Unique THETA stitch pattern has 423 stitches resulting in a strength that matches the lanyard’s webbing strength.
• Webbing Tenacity = 33kN
• Webbing is UV rated to meet AS/NZS 1891.1 standard
• ‘THETA’ stitch pattern (equals 3300kg strength). Engineered to match webbing strength to
ensure no weak point in the harness assembly.
• Contrast stitch thread colour for easy inspection
• Standard shock absorber is rated for wearer of up to 160kg. Including tooling and equipment
• Drop forged D Transition point doubles as a spare leg stowage point
• Custom lengths available on request



HHLQH105RRAGeneral Purpose Harness with 1.8m Lanyard