The Permanent Guardrail System provides the highest level of safety for maintenace personnel when working at heights
and other fall risk areas. Sentry ensures controlled access within theses areas protected by the permanent guardrail system.
Sentry componentry is fully adjustable and adaptable to suit any location, complemented by a complete range of prefabricated
fixtures and fittings.
• Prefabricated modular system – ensure simple, rapid installation.
• Fully adjustable/adaptable fixtures & fittings – no on site welding required.
• Suits varied mounting applications
• Minimal componentry – cost effective, reduced on site labour
• High strength aluminum construction – lightweight and user friendly.
• Unobtrusive appearance – with option for powdercoating to blend in with surroundings

DimensionHandrail Component - 50mm diameter section mounted 1000mm to 1100mm above floor surface
Kneerail Component - 40mm diameter section mounted 450mm below handrail
Post Component - 60mm x 40mm RHS section, post length 950mm to 1100mm above floor surface
Post Spacing - Max 2.0m intervals
MaterialHigh grade structural aluminum
Weight2kg /m (approximate)
Working Load Limit1200N applied horizontally mid span between posts of 2.0m spacing
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