HMPE Rope Slings Safelift Sling

All DYNAMICA SafeLift slings are made with Dyneema and are manufactured according to DIN EN 1492-4. Every sling is custom-made with quality and safety in focus. The rope slings are constructed as a single, double or triple sling with a variety of options when it comes to covers and extra protection against abrasion.

• Cost reduction with faster handling and shorter assembly time
• Safe for riggers, crew and loads handled
• Increased lifting capacity
• Reduced weight 1/7 vs steel wire ropes
• Reduced weight 1/3 vs conventional round slings
• Does not absorb water and hand friendly: no rust, no dirt from lubrication
• Manufactured according to DIN EN 1492-4

WLL SF 7:1
SafeLift 10tDYN 1221070
SafeLift 15tDYN 12615105
SafeLift 30tDYN 22630210
SafeLift 30tDYN 13830210
SafeLift 50tDYN 23650350
SafeLift 50tDYN 15250350
SafeLift 70tDYN 24270490
SafeLift 90tDYN 24490630
SafeLift 100tDYN 252100700
SafeLift 125tDYN 256125175
SafeLift 150tDYN 260150220
SafeLift 175tDYN 264175245
SafeLift 200tDYN 272200280
SafeLift 225tDYN 280225315
SafeLift 240tDYN 280240330
SafeLift 320tDYN 372320440
SafeLift 350tDYN 380350490
SafeLift 400tDYN 388400560