• Corrosive resistant zinc plated grade 100 load chain, high safety factor and long service life.
• Unique hand wheel & knob design-No preload required.
• Fused Brake Design-Proven durability that increases safety.
• Weston Style Dual Pawl Brake System- Double pawl design increases safety.
• Alloy Steel Hook- Industrial rated hooks rotate 360 degrees for easy rigging.
• Cast Steel Safety Latches- Increased durability with heavy duty safety latches secured with Allen screws and locknuts.
• Optional overload protection

CODE Effort Minimum
Rated Standard Running required No. of load Load distance Length of
Capacity Lift Load Test to lift max. chains Chain between handle DIMENSIONS
load (N)hooksABCD
3050750.81.51.214515.6 x 15.72802451469611926.5
30510011.51.518015.6 x 15.73002451469611931.5
3052001.61.52.420017.1 x 19.933526516410012635.5
3052502.51.53.7524018.8 x 24.637526517910315041
3053003.21.54.8280110 x 2839541519611415943
3056006.31.59.45310210 x 2854041519611421853
30590091.513.5350310 x 2868041519611429864