The smallest lever block and the lightest at only 1.5 kgs.

• Aluminium Alloy Steel Cover
• Grade 100 Load Chain
• Cast safety latch
• Heat treated Alloy Steel Side Plates
• Heat treated Alloy Steel Gears & Main parts
• Double Pawl Brake System
• Advanced 5 Gears Mechanical System on Mini Lever Hoist
• 4 Links Load Sprocket
• Li & MoS2 Grease with excellent performance in high or low temperature

Remember to regularly inspect your lever block. If any defects are found remove the lever block from service and call Ranger on 1300 SLINGS


No. of Falls11111
Load Chain(mm)3.2 x 94.3 x 125 x 157.1 x 19.1
** German Load Chain(mm)3 x 94 x 125 x 157.1 x 20.1
Pull to Rated Load(N)200240290320
Proof Load(kg)37575011252250
Standard Lift(m)
Net Weight(kg)1.452.53.46.27
Gross Weight(kg)1.652.73.66.5
Extra Wt. per m(kg)0.220.370.541.1
308025250 kg
308050500 kg
308075750 kg
3081501500 kg