For more than 10 years, the MILAN has established itself as a standard piece of rescue equipment in many areas. The reinforced brake is controlled centrifugally; it keeps the speed constant during the entire descent and permits a quick and safe rescue. The brake shaft is mounted on ball bearings on both sides.

The housing is constructed of milled aircraftgrade aluminium which makes MILAN 2.0 the most robust equipment in the world. This is what allows rescue techniques such as rescue support in lattice mast structures. A seal reveals whether the MILAN 2.0 has been opened without authorisation.

  • Even greater performance.
  • New design, with both visual and practical (handling) improvements.


Abseiling speed0.9 m/s
Abseiling height500 m
Max. number of persons2
Max. rated loadSteel rope 5mm
Suspension ElementCoated core rope 9mm
Weight1.9 kg
On the lanyard endsKobra TW
MaterialAluminium, Steel, Polyamide
HSKMIL20Milan 2.0