An innovative solution for installation over existing vertical structures, for
example, shoring walls, tank edges and parapets. The Davit Access Kit is a
robust rescue system designed for reliable operation during emergency
egress situations. The rescue kit includes a davit (a crane that projects over
a side) and base mounts that can be used in a myriad of confined space
situations where safety is paramount and fall arrest or rescue might be a

  • Constructed of grade 350 high tensile steel and powder coated
  • Base mounts are constructed of heavy-duty hot-dipped galvanised steel
  • Can be installed over existing vertical structures including shoring walls, tank edges and
  • Suitable for demanding environments
  • Available with two mounting options
  • The system acts an engineered supporting structure for personal fall arrest, with the addition
    of a winch, it can also be used as a rescue device
  • Standard 20m 3-way winch included

Suitable for:

Roofer, Scaffolding, Hot Works, Telecommunication, Confined Spaces, Power Transmission, Construction, Rope Access, Wind Power and Elevated Work Platforms etc.


HRADKFMFloor Mount Davit Kit complete with winch
HRADKSM Shoring Mount Davit Kit complete with winch
HRRM2PS2 Piece Stretcher V2
HSKRSAN0086-20Lifting Bridle