The RBG/VRBG Lifting points is ready for bolting with patented relief naps (up to RBG 15
t) protecting the fixing screws against bending and shearing loads. All versions with 100%
crack detected bolts. The patented relief lugs protect the securing bolt against bending
and shearing loads. This provides additional safety. Stowable with smaller bolts and thus
low profile. A forged ring according to AS4991, quality grade 80, electromagnetic crack
detected and coloured red.



Thread SizeSingle Leg2, 3 or 4 Legs (maximum included angle)
2909803RGB 3 t2 x M 16”35.24.23
2909810VRGB 10 t4 x M 20”1017.314.110
2909816VRGB 16 t4 x M 30”1627.722.616
2909830VRGB 31.5 t6 x M 30”305242.430
2909850VRGB 50 t8 x M 26”5086.670.750
2909880WBPG 80 t6 x M 48”80138.6113.180
2909910WBPG 100 t6 x M 48”100
2909920WBPG 120 t10 x M 48”120