The IGNITE ION Harness is an all-round safety harness for classical
applications in construction and maintenance. The harness meets AS/NZS
requirements and is extremely user friendly and self-explanatory. The
innovative OKTALOCK click buckles made of stainless steel include new
adjustment elements that eliminate undesirable loosening of the webbing
during movement and overcome the need for readjusting during work.
All harnesses are standard equipped with shoulder and leg pads, colour
coded for ease in donning, orange for the left side & grey for the right side.

  • Features two Fall Arrest attachment points
  • An alloy rear (Dorsal) & Webbing loops
  • Large roping-up loops (chest) made of fabric are approved for joint use and equipped with
    abrasion indicator for maximum safety
  • Innovative OKTALOCK click buckles

Suitable for:

Roofer, Scaffolding, Hot Works, Telecommunication, Confined Spaces, Power Transmission, Construction, Rope Access, Wind Power and Elevated Work Platforms etc.


Webbing MaterialPolyester
Sternal Attachment Point Material Polyester
Buckle MaterialStainless Steel
Max Service Life6-8 Years
Rated Load140kg
Attachment Pointsdorsal attachment point, sternal attachment point, confined space loop.
Standards ComplianceAS/NZS 1891.1:2007