SKYRAIL is a horizontal fall protection system, which allows people to
work at great heights. The system can be used, for example, on flat
roofs, stadium roofs, loading plants, wind turbines or cranes. Attached
to floors, walls or ceilings, maintenance work and other activities can be
carried out safely with the SKYRAIL system.
Users can attach themselves easily to the SKYRAIL RUN using their
Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE) and move freely along the
rail without stopping. The high-quality, architectural appearance of
the system will fulfil all your design requirements. A choice of colour
scheme allows the SKYRAIL to blend in with the building.
• The materials used are resistant to particularly aggressive conditions, such as constant
or repeated immersion in seawater or in areas where there is seawater spray,
chlorinated atmospheres in indoor swimming pools or in atmospheres with extreme
chemical pollution.
• The system is supplied with a small number of components.
• Simple installation, which may be carried out by SKYLOTEC certified fitters.

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