VLBG load rings are commonly referred to as pinkies in the offshore Oil and Gas industry and Mining Industries. Load ring is stowable and swivels in all directions.

• Compact design
• Simple mounting with only one hole required
• In-built clamping spring – Works as a noise reduction and holds the suspension ring in the requested position; therefore simple hinge of lifting mean possible respectively flat design if turned down.
• Load ring manufactured from Grade 100 material
• Rotates through 360°
• Fully rated for loading in any direction
• Designed in accordance with EN 1677-1 and AS 3776
• Supplied with a substitutable, 100% crack detected hexagon head cap bolt with Various thread lengths available upon request
• Test Certificates Supplied

Threads available:
• Standard Metric Thread (DIN EN 13)
• Metric Fine Thread (DIN EN 13)
• Coarse Pitch Thread UNC (ANSI B1.1)
• Fine Thread UNF (ANSI B1.1)

Please note:
• The load ring must be flexible and adjusted to the load direction before being loaded.
• Ensure that there is no contact between the ring and the edges of the work piece.
• Avoid swivelling under full load.
• A single threaded hole or a through hole is necessary.
• Please observe torque instructions when lifting point is permanently installed resp. at constant swivelling operations and tilting/ turning actions.
• If the VLBG is used exclusively for lashing, the value of the working load limit can be doubled. LC = permissible lashing capacity = 2 x WLL

Ranger can Install and proof test any lifting points supplied at clients request.

Note: Longer bolts avaliable on request

090000 - 45045 - 600900unsym- metrical0 - 45045 - 600unsym- metrical
VLBG 0.3 t80.
VLBG 0.63 t100.
VLBG 1 t121121.41212.11.51
VLBG 1.5 t161.51.532.11.531.
VLBG 2.5 t202.52.553.52.552.
VLBG 4 t244485.64848.464
VLBG 5 t2755107510510.57.55
VLBG 7 t3077149.8714714.710.47
VLBG 8 t36881611.2816816.8128
VLBG 10 t4210102014102010211510
VLBG 15 t421515302115301531.522.515
VLBG 20 t4820204028204020423020
LGB(3) M15 RS 1 t161121.41212.11.51
LGB(3) M20 RS 2 t202222.82424.232