VLBG load rings are commonly referred to as pinkies in the offshore Oil and Gas industry and Mining Industries. Load ring is stowable and swivels in all directions. Lifting point pivots 360° and the suspension ring pivots 180°. Optimal WLL with captive but exchangeable ICE-Bolt made out of patented steel with corrosion protection Corrud-DT. Non hazardous deep temperature down to -60; higher toughness and therefore higher bending strength as well as less wear occurrence.
• Clamping spring works as a noise reduction and holds the suspension ring in the requested position; therefore simple hinge of lifting mean possible respectively flat design if turned down.
• Clear marking of minimum WLL for all loading directions
• Available as Standard Metric Thread (DIN EN 13)
• Variable bolt lengths available for tapped or through holes
• Quick and easy installation with just one bolt connection
• Assembly with flat / ring wrench or allen key possible
• Hand tightening with appropriate wrench is sufficient for a singular lift
• Observe torque instructions when lifting point is permanently installed resp. at constant swiveling operations and tilting/
turning actions.
• Test Certificates Supplied

09000 - 4545 - 6090unsym- metrical0 - 4545 - 60unsym- metrical
290608R 0.63tM 80.630.631.261.260.880.630.631.30.940.63
290610R 0.9tM
290612R 1.35tM 121.351.352.
290614R 1.2tM
290616R 2tM 1622442.8224.232
290618R 2tM 1822442.8224.232
290620R 3.5tM 203.53.5774.
290624R 4.5tM 244.54.5996.
290630R 6.7tM 306.76.713.413.
290636R 8tM 3688161611.28816.8128
290642R/10R 10tM 4210102020141010211510
290642R/15R 15tM 421515303021151531.522.515
290648R 20tM 4820204040282020423020