The VLBS Load ring offers a functional, compact innovative design. The rings are 100%
electro-magnetic crack tested and painted in the unique durable RUD pink powder coat
finish. Manufactured using high tensile CrNiMo – steel.
Offers a full WLL in any direction with 4:1 lifting design factor. Rated capacity can be
increased 100% in specific lashing applications. Stainless Steel Load Rings available up
to 2000kg WLL.
Available with or without internal position holding springs (VLBS-16 supplied without
spring). Test Certificates available, with full traceability on Load Rings. 100% electro-magnetic crack detection tested. Mounting blocks fully prepared for welding including
distance lugs.
VRBS weld-on eye plates available with WLL’s 4 – 50 tonnes.
• Forged out of high strength material with 2 patented inner supporting lugs
• Easy hooking-in of suspensions and offers better protection of the clamping springs
• Given an inclined or a non-parallel work piece, the support effect is extremely improved
• A protected spring keeps the ring bracket in every required position without tipping
• Reduces vibration induced noise
• Grade 100
• Fully tested and certified

290215VLBS 1.5 t1.50.35336638254014331465
290225VLBS 2.5 t2.50.53387745284716401675
290204VLBS 4 t40.8428751315218461683
290206VLBS 6.7 t6.71.961115674473246022117
290210VLBS 10 t102.97512967557126.56026126
290216VLBS 16 t166.89519010069105409027174