RUD VRM Eyenut can be adjusted to the direction of pull.

• Higher load capacities than DIN 582-Eyenuts.
• Star shaped design. A clear distinction from the DIN 582 eye nut.
• Colour : A striking fluorescent pink powder coating.
• Clear WLL indication for the most unfavourable load direction F (not permissible for DIN 582).Star shaped design. A clear distinction from the DIN
582 eye nut.
• Forged material 1.6541, high tensile and annealed, 100% electromagnetic crack detected according to EN 1677-1 and with a 4 :1 design factor. In a
tightened condition, the VRS must swivel 360°. Adjust the VRS to the direction of pull, before attaching the lifting means.
• The WLL values are only valid in connection with quality class 10.9 threaded bolts. The threads of the nut must exactly engage the bolt threads.
• The mounted thread pin must ensure a perfect fitting of the seat – engaging surface of the eye nut onto the work piece.
• Eye nuts, whose nut inserts do not perfectly lie on to the work piece should never be loaded. Not suitable for swivelling under load.
• mpact loaded or when operated in environments with vibrations, unintentional loosening can happen.
• Securing possibilities: Use of a liquid thread securing medium eg. Loctite ( follow the manufacturer`s recommendations).
Please note:
• Lateral loads with eye nuts acc. to DIN 582 are forbidden.
• With multiple-point-suspensions at 2- leg and 3 / 4-leg, the positioning of the eye bolt has to the direction of pull.
• This can only be realized with RUD STARPOINT eye nuts as they are adjustable to the direction of pull when fitted

09000 - 4545 - 6090unsym- metrical0 - 4545 - 60unsym- metrical
5590506VRS M660.
5590506VRS M8810.320.420.
5590506VRS M101010.420.560.
5590506VRS M121220.7410.
5590506VRS M161641.582.11.531.
5590506VRS M202062.3123.
5590506VRS M242483.2164.
5590506VRS M3030124.5246.34.594.
5590406VRS M3636167329.8714714.710.57
5590406VRS M42422494812.6918918.913.59
5590406VRS M484832126416.8122412251812
5590406VRM M660.
5590408VRM M8810.320.420.
5590410VRM M101010.420.560.
5590412VRM M121220.7410.
5590416VRM M161641.582.11.531.
5590420VRM M202062.3123.
5590424VRM M242483.2164.
5590430VRM M3030124.5246.34.594.
5590312INOX M12121.
5590316INOX M16162.414.81.41212.11.51
5590320INOX M20203.627.22.82424.232
5590324INOX M2425.22.510.43.52.552.
5590330INOX M3030----------