Wirelock is a convenient and very simple sstem to use. here are no special preparations, no external heat is required and the system can even be used on site, at temperatures down to and slightly below 0°C. Sockets, poured with Wirelock, can be put into service within 50 minutes, in a temperature range of 18°C to 24°C. The use of Wirelock eliminates the need for heating socket assemblies, melting metal and handling the molten metal. It also has the advantage of being considerably lighter than white metal, making the subsequent handling of the socket easier.

Wirelock is currenly used in conjunction with virtually all the commerciall available sockets and ropes. Other non-standard uses include short basket sockets, armoured cables and umbilical cables incporporating a strain member. Wirelock performs very well under most hostile environments. The only exceptions being immersion in strong alkaline solutions, such as caustic sode, or strong acids.

Wirelock is a two pack socket capping compound that has the following advantages:

• No heat
• No Acid
• No hazardous molten metal
• No long cooling/curing process
• No annealing of wires of socket neck
• No guessing of emperature
• No loss of lubricant at socket neck
• No special storage conditions
• No expensive equipment
• Provides 100% efficiency
• Improves fatigue life
• Is suitable for operation in extremes of temperature
• Is approved b Lloyds Register of Shipping and Det Norske Veritas (D.N.V)