Lifting Chain and Fittings

Chain Link Drawing

Lifting chains are often the method of choice for lifting heavy loads, especially in high-temperature and challenging environments. All Ranger lifting chains and fittings meet and relevant Australian Standards AS2321 and are high strength, versatile and low weight in design. The number in the title of the chain —Grade 80 , Grade 100, Grade 120, Grade 70 Transport Chain etc- refers to the grade of chain. The higher the grade, the stronger and more resistant the chain is to bending and breaking.
  • Grade 80
    Grade 80 (T) Chain is designed for Chain Slings for industrial lifting applications. It is made from alloy steel, hardened and tempered. It has a high resistance to impact and meets critical requirements of AS 2321 . More information on Grade 80 Working Load Limits can be found here.
  • Grade 100
    G100 Chain is European manufactured, generally used for Chain Slings with 25% higher lifting capacity than G80. Manufactured from hardened and tempered alloy steels and has a high resistance to impact and wear to meet critical requirements of AS 2321. More information on Grade 100 Working Load Limits can be found here.
  • Grade 120
    Grade 120 is a high-performance alloy chain that generally characterised by its bright colour and square shape. The ultra-premium high strength chain is designed specifically for the rigorous requirements of overhead lifting and has approximately 50% higher strength compared to Grade 80. More information on Grade 120 Working Load Limits can be found here.
  • Grade 60
    Grade 60 Stainless steel lifting chains and accessories can be used in different corrosive media and at higher temperatures compared to normal lifting accessories.