Shackles, are U-shaped pieces of metal with a pin along the non-curved side, used to lift, secure and rig heavy loads. Shackles act as the final link in a connection chain or sling setup and are advantageous if wanting to make a robust physical connection between the load-lifting device (typically a hoist hook or sling) and the payload that needs to be moved or supported.

Regardless of the type of shackle you’re using, they will always consist of two main components: the body and the pin.  The body can have the anchor shape (Bow type) or a chain shape (Dee type). Each body shape can be used with a screw pin or a bolt-type pin, which can be used for different applications.  Download our “Safe Use of Shackles” (PDF) which outlines the care and safe use of shackles.

Want more information? Visit our Shackles Frequently asked Questions page. 

All shackles offered by Ranger meets Australian Standards.

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