Industry news — Ranger Lifting Launch Australia’s first LEEA Accredited Training Course for End-Users

Ranger Lifting Launch Australia’s first LEEA Accredited Training Course for End-Users

Lifting equipment experts, Ranger Lifting, have today launched a comprehensive online training program aimed at enhancing safe work practices within the lifting sector. This course is a first of it’s kind in Australia, setting a new standard within the industry.

The training program course “Safe Use of Lifting Equipment,” accessible through Ranger Lifting’s ‘Learning Hub,’ has earned official accreditation from The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) under their Accredited Training Scheme (ATS). Ashley Thacker, the General Manager of Ranger Lifting, elaborates further.

Based on Australian Standard, ‘The Safe Use of Lifting Equipment’ training course is a result of three years of development. The program is delivered 100% online and covers selection, safe-use, pre-use checks, identifying defects and maintenance. The course is divided into 10 modules including Chain Slings and Components, Wire Rope, Shackles, Lifting Beams, Chain and Lever Blocks, among others.

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For some time, we’ve identified a significant void in the market concerning end-user training. There simply hasn’t been an avenue to educate end-users on the safe utilisation of lifting equipment. While individuals can attain Dogman and Rigger certifications, these alone, according to Australian Standards, do not suffice for establishing competence. We’ve been evaluating this training gap, but dedicating sufficient time to address it has been a challenge.

“We seized the opportunity presented by COVID to thoroughly assess this gap and devise strategies to fill it. We laid out a framework outlining the potential course coverage. Recognizing that industry recognition was essential, we ensured LEEA certification underpinned the course,” Ashley explained.

While half-day and full-day face-to-face slinging awareness courses have been available for some time, their content lacked vetting by an industry body, and a substantial portion of the material was outdated. A Certified Course for Lifting Inspectors exists, yet regarding Australian Standards, uncertainty persists regarding expectations for a competent individual.

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The course caters comprehensively to anyone using lifting equipment across various industries. Successful completion earns participants a LEEA accreditation and a certificate of completion. The collaboration with LEEA guarantees the course’s content adheres to the highest standards, aligning seamlessly with Australian industry regulations.

“We envisioned a modular training program to facilitate flexible learning at one’s own pace. For instance, a crane hire company could enrol teams and complete modules around their work schedules. They could invest two hours in the course and resume a week later,” Ashley noted.

“Daily accidents occur all too frequently. During my advanced rigger’s course at TAFE, lifting gear received minimal attention – not more than five minutes. Presently, the Dogman’s ticket devotes more time to it, yet not exceeding an hour and merely covering fundamentals. Australian standards delve extensively into competency requirements. They stipulate that the person using lifting equipment should be capable of identifying the relevant standard, a task few can accomplish,” Ashley emphasized.

Accredited Training Schemes (ATS) have existed for decades, yet this unique training opportunity had yet to be offered in Australia, as Justin Boehm, LEEA’s Regional Manager for Australia and New Zealand, noted.

“ATS is a well-established product in the UK, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. However, a local equivalent had been missing until now. Ranger Lifting, a pioneering entity within our industry, has crafted an impressive course content.

This development significantly benefits our region, and having Ranger as our inaugural Accredited Training Scheme partner is excellent news for industry end-users.

Ranger stands as a prominent force within our industry, showcasing their dedication to safety for both themselves and their clients. This course, backed by LEEA’s stringent standards, will contribute to on-site safety by identifying potential issues that could evade notice during pre-use inspections.