RFID tags are underground compliant and can be easily scanned regardless of whether they are covered in dirt, coal and dust or paint

Items with RFID automatically update in online registers when inspected

Full traceability of all equipment


The use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in the industrial and residential lifting industry became common practice in many European countries from 2009 and has been in demand since. However during this time most companies in the lifting industry used ‘off the shelf’ programs which took on the ‘one size fits all’ approach that was not always a practical solution for all situations.

Ranger reviewed the products and services that were on offer and discovered that the current RFID tools available to the market were achieving the basic job of asset management, but none were truly catering for the Australian lifting industry.

Our custom RFID solution has been designed to fully intergrate with our e-Testinspect system to save you time and money by effortlessly registering, identifying and managing your lifting components on site.

RFID involves equipment being tagged with a unique chip which is scanned to identify the item electronically. The information is then transferred to our free e-Testinspect system. No more paperwork!