Shackles – Frequently Asked Questions

Shackles - Frequently Asked Questions

What standards do shackles relate to?

The Australian Standard for Shackles is AS 2741

What Grade of steel are Shackles made of?

The most commonly found Shackles are made from Grade S steel. They also come from other grades such as G80.

Can I use my Shackle to lift on the side?

A Shackle is not designed to lift on the side or at the 45 degree angle but if this cannot be avoided WLL reductions need to taken into account. See front of Rangers Shackle catalogue for the formula.

What is the max angle I can use my Shackle at?

Bow Shackles have a maximum design angle of 120 degrees and must not be exceeded. A Dee Shackle is designed for only vertical lifts.

Can I use Shackles in a corrosive environment?

Grade S shackles should not be used in acidic or other corrosive environments. Please contact your nearest Ranger branch for more information about the use of our Shackles n these types of environments.

Under what heat conditions can Shackle be used?

Where temperatures are likely to be higher than 200c reductions in the working load limits of Shackles need be applied. Contact Ranger for advice.

What Shackles are best for heavy-lift use with Round slings?

Wide Body Sling Shackles are the best Shackle to use with Round slings especially when it is a heavy lift (30t+). The wider body increases the angle of the sling around the Shackle which minimises the heat caused within the sling.


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