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  • 2022 Track Day

    How lucky are we to have access to our very own V8 Race car and V8 and Bathurst champion, John Bowe! It's cool to meet him, but it’s something extra special to experience exhilarating laps in the front seat and witnessing their mastery of racing. Last Friday some of our clients got to do just Read more
  • The Insider Article – Perpetual Motion

    By Ashley Thacker Pride comes before a fall, especially when complacency is allowed to creep into a business. Here is how to become a sure-footed, dynamic leader in your industry. It's a time of year for sitting down and reflecting on things that went well over the course of the last 12 months. But you must Read more
  • The Insider Article – Family Values

    By Ashley Thacker It doesn’t have to be a family business, but it helps if it behaves like one. Here’s how to expand your family tree. This April marks 20 years since I joined the family business—and the journey has taught me a lot. But why should readers of this magazine care? The reason is, all  Read more
  • The Insider Article – D/d Ratio Explained

    By Ashley Thacker Passing a sling- synthetic or other- around a load can provide support by creating a cradle, but you must make sure that it is surely attached. Therefore you must understand D/d ratio. I get asked a lot of questions about D/d ratio. I think it worries people because it looks like a complicated Read more
  • The Insider Article – Economic Climate


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  • The Insider Article – Behind the Mask

    By Ashley Thacker We must respect the new COVID protocols, but not let them become a distraction.  I saw a photo in an online article recently, showing Sydney construction workers on top of a building. The caption noted that all workers wearing masks and social distancing. However, as I looked closer at the photo, I saw Read more
  • The Insider Article – Hub-and-Spoke Model

    By Ashley Thacker The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is established across the world as the leading trade association for all those involved in the lifting industry. From its UK base, it promotes enhanced standards and sustainable development for the worldwide lifting and safety industry. However, it has been accepted for a number of years that Read more
  • The Insider Article – Certified Lifting Equipment

    By Ashley Thacker You can’t just put a sticker on an item of lifting or rigging equipment and call it certified. But there are things that you can do to meet the required standards. There are also a couple of different standards that you should be looking at. We’ve seen all kinds of equipment submitted for Read more
  • The Insider Article – Prioritise Compliance

    By Ashley Thacker Think about what’s more important: where a product is from or its compliance with relevant standards. Brace yourself: as good as Aussie-made product is, 90% of the lifting and rigging gear sold in Australia is imported from Europe, the states, Asia, or elsewhere. Much less product is manufactured here than people think. That’s why Read more
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Synthetic Slings

    A synthetic web sling is one of the most common pieces of rigging equipment found on site due to their versatility. They are strong enough to support heavy loads but also used to lift delicate materials as their soft surface offers more protection than abrasive materials, like wire rope. Synthetic slings can be made from Read more