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Using lifting gear can often have a high risk of injury, and the cost to business can be significant when something goes wrong. It is important to ensure that regular examinations and inspections of lifting gear are undertaken to ensure maintenance is kept, and to verify that the equipment can continue to be safely used.

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Our mobile testing services, including our new large testing trucks, ensures the majority of your lifting equipment can be tested on-site. Not only does this save time on transportation costs and downtime, it provides reassurance to your team who have peace of mind knowing all their equipment is still on-site.

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Our competent Inspectors can test your equipment on-site, wherever that may be. However, we know that on-site services are not practical for everyone and that’s why our drop and collect and express in-house services
are designed to be just as convenient.

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We provide a range wire rope services including lubrication, magnetic rope testing, cropping, analysis, proof load and break testing. We conduct detailed examinations of wire rope failure and provide recommendations to prevent future occurrences.  We are also a specialist distributor of the German manufactured high-performance Casar Wire Ropes.

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Our highly experienced team are experts at designing and installing height safety systems. Our network of engineers, consultants and certified installers can install systems strictly to manufacturer’s specifications and the technical requirements that comply with all Australian Standards

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If you are looking for solutions for your special lift or project, Ranger have the experience and expertise to find the right solution. All certified lifting, specialist safety equipment and associated products sourced or engineered by Ranger are tested and inspected in accordance with AS4991 and other relevant Australian Standards.

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We take safety seriously and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve a safe work environment. We offer sling awareness and working at heights training and can work with you to deliver toolbox talks and customised training for your teams. We also work with a range of training providers to offer clients nationally recognised competency-based courses in dogging operations and underground lifting operations.

We were the first lifting house in Australia to be awarded full membership of LEEA. And in 2018, we were awarded the Inaugural LEEA Customer Service Award.

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