Industry news — The Insider Article – Behind the Mask

The Insider Article – Behind the Mask

By Ashley Thacker

We must respect the new COVID protocols, but not let them become a distraction. 

I saw a photo in an online article recently, showing Sydney construction workers on top of a building. The caption noted that all workers wearing masks and social distancing. However, as I looked closer at the photo, I saw a number of other hazards that were not being addressed and I asked myself, can wearing a face mask give us a false sense of security that we’re doing other things right?

Imagine what workers- in construction, a warehouse, offshore etc.- have to go through just to get onto site at the moment, negative testing, sanitising, face covering, distancing… it’s a seemingly endless list on top of the other safety considerations that were already in place. But that doesn’t mean that working below and around the hook of a crane, for example, isn’t as dangerous as it always has been because it is.

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