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The Insider Article – Perpetual Motion

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By Ashley Thacker

Pride comes before a fall, especially when complacency is allowed to creep into a business. Here is how to become a sure-footed, dynamic leader in your industry.

It’s a time of year for sitting down and reflecting on things that went well over the course of the last 12 months. But you must be careful about patting yourself on the back for too long because standing still in this industry- indeed, all sectors- can get you into trouble. It’s why I believe in a culture of constant movement, which can be seen in, among others, a bias towards continuing professional development (CPD) and investment in people. These people are the key differentiator between good and bad companies; leaders recognise that attaining excellence in people development is key to market and thought leadership.

Developing and growing a workforce that constantly strives for individual and collective improvement is essential to continued progression and bottom line growth. Every member of a business should be challenged to improve every day, and that is from the top down. How can we expect people in the workshop or at the coalface of the industry to embrace ….. For the full article click here or see below.


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