Ranger — Track Your Assets Location - eTestinspect


e-Testinspect is total peace of mind for the management, operational efficiency and full traceability of all your height safety and lifting equipment. Commissioned by Ranger, and specifically designed for the Australian market, eTestinspect works to Australian standards and encompasses both NATA and LEEA methodology for best practice.

  • Web-based Data Management System for your lifting, rigging and safety equipment.
  • Complete Asset Register for easy record keeping and full traceability of height safety equipment, including ability to store photos of specialty or condemned items.
  • Simple to use, sort and export data with helpful inspection reminders.
  • Reports can also show what items are missing and not cited.
  • Automatic reminders providing peace of mind for items soon to be due for inspection
  • Best in field and constantly upgraded with new features to suit ever changing environments.
  • All certificates i.e. new into service, visual repair and proof load are all on-line for full traceability.
  • Search filters make assets easy to find and reports easy to produce.
  • Register ready on-line with in hours of inspection being completed.
  • Customer has ability to change location when moving assets from site to site.

Commissioned by Ranger, and specifically designed for the Australian market, e-Testinspect works to Australian Standards and encompasses both NATA and LEEA methodology for best practice.




In 2010 Ranger pursued the journey of the development of e-Testinspect which sought to achieve peace of mind for management, operation and productivity efficiency and quality control.

We commissioned a highly skilled development team to build e-Testinspect to incorporate both LEEA and NATA best practice and all relevant Australian Standards.


We sought to build on our existing knowledge and expertise in the asset management and inspection field and engaged an international developer to custom build e-Testinspect – a high quality inspection/ asset management system – that was adaptable and capable of keeping up-to-date with industry changes and trends ensuring best practice and safety for the Australian lifting industry.

After extensive research and development the first version of E-testinspect was successfully launched in late 2010.

In accordance with ever changing industry requirements and customer demand, e-Testinspect is constantly being reviewed and improved to provide the highest quality solution for inspections and Australia’s lifting industry.

At present e-Testinspect is in its fifth review and is currently being equipped with new applications and additions to support changes to Australian standards as well as effectively meeting customer requirements for total asset management and inspection processes.