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Ultra-Link Synthetic Chain

Ultra-Link synthetic chain is the latest development in chain technology. Manufactured from several layers of high-performance Dyneema fibre, the high strength, lightweight Ultra-Link chain is up to 85% lighter than steel chain of the equivalent strength. Ultra-Link chain enables easy manual handling for quick and efficient lifting and lashing applications.

Ultra-link chain allows companies to achieve a safer working environment and can reduce the risk of damage to other assets. It is very easy to use and up to eight times lighter than a steel chain of comparable strength. This makes even long lengths of textile chain light enough for one person to work with all day long.

The benefits of Ultra-Link include:

  • Light weight for easy manual handling
  • High strength
  • Quiet
  • Patented multi-layered redundant system
    ensures safety
  • Abrasion and wear resistant material
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Floats on water
  • Non-corrosive
  • Temperature range is -40 to 70C
Ultra-Link Synthetic Chain | Ranger Lifting

1. Up to 85% less weight

Ultra-link chain creates unique advantages because it is as strong as alloy steel chain but up to 85% lighter. It can be used where quick and efficient lashing or lifting is required.

2. Safer work environment

Ultra-link chain allows you to achieve a safer work environment. The soft touch and light weight reduces the risk of injuries and damage to other assets.

3. Performance and quality

Dymeena is the worlds strongest man-made fibre and is respected as the premium brand for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE).

Part NumberTypeLink Pitch
Single Link
L1 (mm)
Link Pitch
11 Links
B (mm)
H (mm)
of Layers
7U130930612 / 6931020129.66603
7U130970825 / 89710602512.582005
7U130931025 / 109310152515.5102505
7U131200830 / 812013203016.383204
7U131351030 / 1013515003019.8104004
Link dimensions are at 0.006 of MBS
Link pitch dimensions L1 are +/- 3%
Link thickness and width dimensions B and H are +/- 4%
Elongation is between 0.006 to 0.2 MBS
TypePin Size (mm)Test Speed 1 (to 0.006 MBS)Test Speed 2 (0.006 to 0.2 MBS)
7U1309306180.1 kN/s1.2 kN/s
7U1309708250.1 kN/s0.6 kN/s
7U1309310250.1 kN/s0.8 kN/s
7U1312008320.1 kN/s1.0 kN/s
7U1313510350.1 kN/s1.2 kN/s
Ultra Link Synthetic Chain Guide | Ranger Lifting

Perfect for lifting delicate loads.

When used as a lifting chain the easy handling and the protection of the load are key benefits. The soft and flexible synthetic chain is suited perfectly to lift delicate loads or to protect sensitive surfaces from damage. The Ultra-Link synthetic chain has MBF’s up to the equivalent of 20mm Grade 100 chain. For example, the 30mm single leg Ultra-Link chain reaches an MBF of 400kN but is a fraction of the weight of the equivalent steel chain sling. For lifting asymmetric loads Ultra-Link can be easily shortened with shackles.

  • up to 85% less weight

  • easy handling

  • easy to shorten

  • non-conductive

Ultra Link Synthetic | Ranger Lifting

Lifting Applications

Ultra-Link chain can be used to manufacture chain slings. Chain slings can be assembled using traditional components such as master links, chain connectors and safety sling or self-locking hooks.

Chain legs can be shortened using standard Grade S bow shackles incorporated within the sling leg. Legs of chain are cut to the required length from bulk lengths of stock chain.

Lashing Applications

When used in a lashing application, Ultra-Link chain can achieve lashing capacities in excess of 16,000 DaN.

Ultra-Link chain is particularly well suited to heavy duty applications where large chains would otherwise be required. Again the extreme low weight and high strength enables easy handling, is kind on the load and
fast and efficient to use.

Ultra-Link can be used with standard Grade 100 ratchet load binder assemblies with safety sling hooks. Length is adjustable by selecting the required link and the low stretch nature of Ultra-Link ensures the ratchet load binder can be tensioned quickly and efficiently.

Weight comparison of 2 leg chain slings

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Synthetic Chain Guide | Ranger Lifting
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DSM Dyneema is the inventor and manufacturer of the UHMWPE fiber (Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene), which is marketed under the brand name Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™.

Dyneema® offers maximum strength combined with minimum weight. For the same weight it is 15 times stronger than quality steel and up to 40% stronger than aramid fibers. The Dyneema® fiber floats on water and has an extremely high resistance to abrasion and cutting as well as being resistant to moisture, UV light and chemicals.

Products made from Dyneema® fibers are used in many different sectors where highest performance and reliability count. Dyneema® fibers are used for example in Aviation, Maritime and Offshore, Commercial fishing and in the heavy lifting sector.

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