Water Bag Testing

Water Bag Testing

Water bags are a unique product for providing a load in place of tradtional dead weights for load testing. The system allows for safe, practical and economical use of water as a weight for load testing.

Water bags can be used to test a large range of lifting equipment and structures including tower cranes, gantry cranes, flight decks, lifeboats, bridges and walkways. Water bags have also been used to test the structural integrity of floors, platforms and engineered hydraulic systems.

Water bags are available in a variety of sizes and allow for a gradual amount of load to be applied if required and for precise and exact load measurements. There are also added benefits against fixed or dead test weight as the transportation of the water bags far easier. Water bags can also be connected together allowing testing of hundreds of tonnes to become easily achievable. Once the test is finished the water can be pumped back into a storage system or can be displaced into a drain.

During transportation and staging, each bag including load cell, weighs approximately 1.5% of it’s rated load keeping freight costs, storage space and manpower to a minimum.

Ranger can test a variety of equipment and structures using water bags. Contact our team to determine if water bag testing is right for your project.