Wire Rope – Frequently Asked Questions

Wire Rope - Frequently Asked Questions

What type of wire rope can I put on my Cranes?

As most cranes are manufactured overseas not all constructions are readily available in Australia, you can substitute the wire construction of the wire rope but must maintain the same kN rating or higher.

Can I use galvanised or self-coloured wire rope in the same application?

In most cases you can replace a self-coloured wire rope with a galvanised rope, where there is a corrosive environment the galvanised wire rope should be replaced with a galvanised wire rope.

Can I use a fibre core wire rope on my multilayer winch?

No. Using a fibre core wire rope on a multilayer winches cause the wire to flatten, the use of an IWRC (Independent Wire Rope Core) wire rope is used which prevents the flattening of the wire.

I have damaged my wire rope can I cut some off and keep using it?

Yes. The damaged rope can be cut (cropped). This should be done by a competent person, or a Ranger technician so the damage to the rope can be assessed and you can determine whether the amount of rope remaining is a workable length. The sheave can also be assessed to determine if it is causing the damage.

Can I fit my own Metalling Socket on my rope?

Fitting a metalling socket (resin socket) should only be done by highly trained technician as the process is very involved and if done incorrectly could have major ramifications.

How do I know if my crane ropes are ok?

If you are unsure you should tag them out of service and contact Ranger who have highly trained technicians who can inspect and advise you what is the best direction moving forward.

How can I extend the life of my wire rope?

We offer specialised services that will extend the service life of wire rope, cleaning and lubricating of wire rope and Magnetic Rope TestingĀ  (MRT) of wire rope will increase the service life of wire ropes.

What Grade does Wire Rope come in?

Wire Ropes come in many different grades with the most common general purpose ropes begin 1570, 1770, 1960, 2070 and 2170. Some rope manufactures also use Plow Steel. Plow Steel is rated the same as 1570, Improved Plow Steel is rated the same as 1770, and Extra Improved Plow Steel is rated the same as 1960.

Will the end fitting change the Wire Ropes capacity?

Some end fittings will most definitely reduce the rated capacity of the wire rope, the amount of reduction does depend on the fitting that will be used.


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