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Wire rope

Ranger’s technicians have helped numerous customers implement and manage comprehensive rope inspection programs. The reason for this is simple economics – the relatively low cost of highlighting potential problems before they have a detrimental effect on performance or safety, avoids the relatively high cost associated with downtime or incidents.

Our technical team are experts in wire and hi-performance fibre rope. We have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of rope management including rope inspections and testing requirements in accordance with Australian and International Standards.

We can undertake a thorough inspection of plant and rope systems as part of a complete inspection package to minimise the downtime of your equipment. Ranger can investigate and correct specific issues related to recurrent problems. Our highly trained technicians can efficiently carry out lifting equipment inspections, stringent testing and manage the administration of rope records.


Ranger supply a range of wire rope products to suit your requirements including:

  • General purpose Ropes
  • Steel wire ropes for all types of cranes and mining ropes
  • High quality rotation resistant ropes
  • Stainless steel ropes
  • Galvanised strand

Ranger source only the best wire ropes from global manufacturers including Usha Martin, Diepa, Bridon, Wireco and Molycop (WRI).



Ranger source wire ropes globally from the best wire rope manufacturers that are ISO9001 accredited including Usha Martin, Diepa, Bridon, Wireco and Molycop (WRI). Wire Ropes sold by Ranger are today serving some of the most critical applications across diversified industrial segments.

Steel wire ropes are regarded as critical components of a lifting appliance and must be capable of meeting the varied demands that are placed on them, whether they are related to breaking force, bending strength, abrasion or rotation resistance. We only align ourselves with manufacturers that can meet all of these critical demands.

Wire ropes supplied by Ranger are capable of performing under the most demanding conditions of loading and above average service life which bring economic benefits to customers.



When considering the application, the end termination choice is as almost critical as the wire rope selection. Ranger staff are highly trained with the necessary skills and equipment to carry out correct attachment methods for wire rope end terminations. End terminations must be fitted by a competent technician to ensure the load is efficiently transferred from the wire rope to the end termination.

When we carry out the replacement of ropes, particular attention is given to all end terminations that will be reused to ensure they are in correct working order and fit for purpose.





Scheduled re-lubrication of wire ropes should extend the operational life regardless of application.

Cranes, mining, pilling, drilling, draglines, shovels and civil are some of the many industries that use wire rope to carry out their work.

These applications often are exposed to harsh environmental conditions including extreme weather. Most wire ropes are lubricated during the manufacturing process, but this lubricant will not last the entire life of the rope.

Ranger can help your wire rope last longer and operate safely by periodic scheduled lubrication.

Ranger uses pressure lubricators to ensure lubricants penetrate right through to the core of the rope, not just the visible exterior. We offer Lanotec and Rocol (which are lanolin based lubricants) or wire rope grease ensuring that the right lubricant is used for your rope, application and the installed environment.

Ranger can schedule periodic lubrications to extend the life of your wire ropes.



The primary cause of wire rope failure is internal degradation due to corrosion and fatigue. This is an extremely serious condition which can remain undetected by visual inspection.

In support of visual inspection techniques, Ranger offer customers a comprehensive non-destructive testing or examination service. The procedure for non-destructive testing (NDT) or non-destructive examination (NDE) is both simple and effective.

Wire rope is drawn through a NDT detector or head which produces a powerful magnetic flux, sensors then measure and record the induction and the Hall Effect within the rope.

Our experienced technicians can interpret the data collected from this process to identify defects such as broken wires on the surface and within the rope, loss of metallic cross-sectional area and distortions. This is particularly effective if the position of defects can be accurately compared with earlier NDT traces to pinpoint any rope deterioration in the intervening period.

Our examination and testing programmes have increased the safety and reduced the cost for a variety of high profile ropes. Non-destructive testing of wire rope is a safeguard no rope user can afford to ignore.



Periodic Visual Inspections are a minimum requirement as per Australian Standards.

Visual inspections are extremely cost effective for general purpose rope applications and can pick up the majority of external defects that are commonly found in wire rope. The common defects can be nicks, cuts, gauges, corrosion, heat damage, bird caging.

Our technical services representatives are experts in wire rope and have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of rope management including rope inspections or testing requirements in accordance with Australian and International Standards.

All our technical staff have been trained to identify and assess any possible issues found with wire rope and its specific application.

Ranger do not only inspect the wire rope but the whole application including sheaves and winch drums to determine where and why damage is occurring.



This is commonly recommend in the mining industries where drift ropes and friction winders are used to determine the working life of the rope and transitions the face to face contact points of the wire and sheaves. This in turn reduces the fatigue points on the rope and extends the service life.



Ranger can off a range of scientific services for wire rope, such as:

  • Specialist metallurgical & chemical analysis
  • Rope Destruction Testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Breaking load
  • Tensile compression
  • Tension and bend fatigue

Test results can help identify extension and diameter loss characteristics and provide insight into the number of broken wires expected or encountered during the lifetime of a rope.

We can also conduct a detailed examination of wire rope to discover the cause of rope failure and early discard. Subsequent analysis of this data can then be used to produce recommendations to help prevent future occurrences, develop new products with specific characteristics for specific industries or environments, and increase service life.



Any wire rope assembly used for lifting purposes under Australian Standards must be proof load tested before use.

Some industry requirements ask for wire rope assemblies to be proof tested yearly.

Ranger offer proof load and break testing both onsite and in-house.

We can conduct a detailed examination of wire rope to discover the cause of rope failure and produce recommendations to prevent future occurrences.